Searching the Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe, via Google


Due to the overhead of creating and supporting an independent search function, this site does not currently have such a capability. Fortunately, searching of the site may be accomplished through the use of GOOGLE, and probably better than we could do it anyway. Select the scope of the search and press “submit.” Further options for specifying what to search for may be entered on the Google Advanced Search screen.

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Poems (historical texts and reprints)

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Criticism and Reviews (historical texts and reprints)

Letters (from Poe)

Mabbott edition of Poems, and Tales & Sketches

Pollin edition of Imaginary Voyages, Brevities, and etc.

Harrison edition of Poems, Tales, Criticism, Essays, Miscellanies, and etc.


  • The appropriate directory will be determined based on the selection made above. It is not possible to specify multiple directories for a single search.
  • Our web site is structured in such a way that the file names displayed for the search results give some idea as to whether the resulting page is a tale, poem, letter, etc. Admittedly, the actual file names are somewhat cryptic, but at least the path names are somewhat meaningful. For example:
    • “” is one of several versions of Poe’s tale “The Murders in the Rue Morgue.”
    • “” is one of Poe’s letters, dated October 30, 1829.




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