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Charles Frederick Briggs

(Born: December 30, 1804 - Died: June 20, 1877)

American journalist, editor and minor poet. He was born in Nantucket, MA. Mabbott states that Briggs "wrote anonymously the introduction to the first American illustratred edition of Poe's Poems, 1859," although this attribution has been disputed. Briggs married Deobrah Rawson on May 16, 1836. He died in Brooklyn, NY, and is buried in the Moravian Cemetery on Staten Island. (Mrs. Briggs lived to age of 94, and died on September 10, 1899.)

Charles F. Briggs

Criticism (Texts and Variant Texts)
  • Notice from "The Literati"
    • "Charles F. Briggs" ("The Literati of New York City" - No. I) — May 1846 — Godey's Lady's Book  (reprinted in the June 1846 issue)
    • "Charles F. Briggs" ("The Literati") — 1850 — WORKS

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