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Rufus Dawes

(Born: January 26, 1803 - Died: November 30, 1859)

American poet. The engraving appears at the frontispiece of Geraldine, Athenia of Damascus, and Miscellaneous Poems, New York: Samuel Colman, 1839. He was born in Boston, to Judge Thomas Dawes, who was Judge of the Municipal Court of Boston and Judge of Probate. (Thomas Dawes was also a very minor poet.)

Criticism (Texts and Variant Texts)
  • "The Poetry of Rufus Dawes, a Retrospective Criticism"
    • "[Review of Geraldine, Athenia of Damascus, and Miscellaneous Poems, by Rufus Dawes. (New York: Samuel Colman), 1839.]"  (May 1839, text "A" — manuscript, apparently lost. Poe prepared this review for Burton's Gentleman's Magazine, but the owner and proprietor, William E. Burton, declined the article, regretting "the word-catching tone of your critique" and noting that he prefers to "deal leniently with the faults of genius" (W. E. Burton to Poe, May 30, 1839). Poe seems to have retained the manuscript, perhaps planning to use it in his own proposed magazine, "The Penn," for which he was unable to obtain the necessary financial backing. About July 1842, he offered the article to J. and H. G Langley, editors of The Democratic Review, with the promise of a half page introduction "to supersede the old beginning" and give it the "character of a general & retrospective review."  The Langley's apparently chose not to buy the article and returned the manuscript. Poe eventually arranged to have it printed in the October 1842 issue of Graham's.)
    • "The Poetry of Rufus Dawes, a Retrospective Criticism"  (October 1842, text "B" — Graham's)
    • "Rufus Dawes"  (1850, text "C" — Works)
  • Notice from "Autography"
    • "Rufus Dawes" ("A Chapter on Autography" - part I) — November 1841 — Graham's Magazine

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