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Mrs. Sarah Anna Lewis

(Born: April 1824 - Died: November 24, 1880)

American poet and playwright Sarah Anna Robinson was born near Baltimore, MD. She married Sylvanus D. Lewis in 1841 (although divorce records state that she was married in September 1838). In later years, Mrs. Lewis helped to take care of Mrs. Clemm when Poe was away, and his reliance on her for such matters, as well as financial considerations, probably forced him to put aside his critical eye and actively promote her writings. (For the apparent promise of $100, see Mrs. M. G. Nichols' recollections from 1863.) She was somewhat free with her first name, sometimes calling herself Estelle and later merely Stella. She divorced her husband in 1858, travelled to Europe and moved to London, England, living for her last decade in Bedford Square. She is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery, in Brookly, NY, where she was interred on June 3, 1881 (lot: 23452 section: 155).

Mrs. Sarah Anna Lewis

Criticism (Texts and Variant Texts)
  • Notice of Estella Anna Lewis
    • "[Sarah Anna Lewis]" (about November 1848, text "A"  — "Young" manuscript fragments) (These fragments also include printed selections and several pages in the hand of Mrs. Lewis.)
    • "Sarah Anna Lewis"  (?) (1849, text "B" — The Female Poets of America) (The identical review was reprinted in the second edition, for which there are several printings, 1849-1854. The attribution is somewhat problematic and has been disputed. It appears that it may best be termed a "collaboration" since it seems to have been mostly written, or reworked, by Griswold.)


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