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Joseph Evans Snodgrass

(Born: August 8, 1813 - Died: May 2, 1880)

American physician, temperance advocate and editor. Snodgrass received his medical degree in 1836, from the University of Maryland. His birth and death dates are given by his great niece, Miss Frances L. Henshaw, in a letter of February 28, 1930 to Louis H Dielman (MD Historical Society).The birth date is verified by information provided by George W. Fuss in 1927. (His information is printed in the Berkeley Journal, published by the Berkeley County Historical Society, issue sixteen, 1992, p. 61.)

Joseph Evans Snodgrass married Hannah (who was a native of Baltimore, MD), about 1836 (and certainly before 1839). Snodgrass had inherited the family tavern when his father died near the end of 1830. Unfortunately, Snodgrass, already a temperance man, refused to allow the sale of liquor at the taven, and business suffered accordingly. He and his wife sold the tavern on April 20, 1839. Under new owners, it remained in service as a tavern until 1847, thereafter becoming a private residence.

He was the son of Robert Snodgrass and Catherine Thomas Evans.

Criticism (Texts and Variant Texts)
  • Notice from "Autography"
    • "J. Evans Snodgrass" ("A Chapter on Autography" - part II) — December 1841 — Graham's Magazine


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