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Henry Theodore Tuckerman

(Born: April 20, 1813 - Died: December 17, 1871)

American editor and author.

Henry Theodore Tuckerman

Criticism (Texts and Variant Texts)
  • Review of The Italian Sketch-Book
    • Review of The Italian Sketch-Book (June 16, 1835 — Baltimore American) (possibly by Poe, attributed by Mabbott)
    • Notice of The Italian Sketch-Book (June 1835 — Southern Literary Messenger) (A brief notice)
  • Notice from "Autography"
    • "H. T. Tuckerman" ("A Chapter on Autography" - part II) — December 1841 — Graham's Magazine

  • H. T. Tuckerman to E. A. Poe - before December 16, 1842  (fragment, quoted in Poe to Lowell, Dec. 25, 1842) (from Tuckerman as the editor of the Boston Miscellany)

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