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The Flag of Our Union (Boston, MA)

The Flag of Our Union was a cheap, popular weekly newspaper, published every Saturday. Poe was somewhat embarrassed to have his work appear in its pages, but it was one of the few periodicals with pages open to Poe, and one of very few which would actually pay for submissions. Poe needed the money, and withstood the embarrassment as best he could.

The Southern Literary Messenger


The cost of subscription was "Two Dollars Per Annum, Invariably in Advance."

Full Title: ... The Flag of Our Union: A Literary and Miscellanous Family Journal, containing News, Wit, Humor and Romance . . . Independent of Party or Sect

The Flag of Our Union: Vols. I-XXV (January 24, 1846 - January 1, 1871)

Maturin Murray Ballou (January 24, 1846 - 163)

James R. Elliott (1863 - May 7, 1870)

William Henry Thomes (1863 - January 1, 1871)

Newton Talbot (1863 - January 1, 1871)

Frederick Gleason (January 24, 1846 - November 18, 1854)  (sold his interest to M. M. Ballou)

Maturin Murray Ballou (November 25, 1854 - 1863)

James R. Elliott, William Henry Thomes and Newton Talbot (1863 - May 7, 1870) (Elliott left the venture)

William Henry Thomes and Newton Talbot (May 14, 1870 - January 1, 1871)

Boston, MA


There are very few copies of the Flag of Our Union for 1849, the only year in which Poe contributed to it:

  • The Library of Congress (the only known full copy of 1849, with all of Poe's contributions)
  • American Antiquarian Society (scattered issues)


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