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The New-York Mirror (New York, NY)

The history (with the changing titles and formats) of the New-York Mirror is very complicated.

New York Mirror, etc.


Full Title: ... The New-York Mirror and Ladies's Literary Gazette  (1823-1831)

The New York Mirror (1831-1842)

The New Mirror of Literature, Amusement and Instruction  (1843-1844)

The Weekly Mirror  (1848-1845)

The New York Mirror  (1845-1847)

American Literary Gazette and Weekly Mirror  (1847-1857 ?)

The Evening Mirror  (1844-1898)

The New York Mirror: Vols. I-XX (August 2, 1823 - 1842)

The New Mirror: Vols. I - III (April 8, 1843 - Sept. 28, 1844)

The Evening Mirror: Vols: I - ?  (October 7, 1844 - 1858 ?)

The Weekly Mirror: Vols. I - ? (October 12, 1844 - 1845 or 1847 ?) (Vol. III runs October 11, 1845-April 4, 1846)

George Pope Morris, Nathaniel Parker Willis, etc.

G. P. Morris and N. P. Willis

New York

A set of the three volumes of the New Mirror has special interest. It was given by Poe to Sarah H. Whitman (probabably around october 1848), with two items marked "P." These volumes, along with Poe's copy of The Broadway Journal, were given by Mrs. Whitman to John H. Ingram. They were sold as item 600 as part of the library of Thomas Jefferson McKee, on November 22-23, 1900. They are currently in the collections of the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. (The two items marked by Poe are translations of "Souvenir of Youth" and "The Head of St. John the Baptist.")


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