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Godey's Lady's Book

Godey's x.

Godey's Lady's Book

  • Poe's Writings in Godey's Lady's Book
  • Description:
    ... Full Title: ... The Lady's Book  (1830-1839)
    Godey's Lady's Book and Ladies American Magazine  (1840-1843)
    Godey's Magazine and Lady's Book  (1844-1848)
    Godey's Lady's Book  (1848-1854)
    Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine  (1854-1883)
    Godey's Lady's Book  (1883-1892)
    Godey's Magazine  (1892-1898)
    Issued: Vols. I-CXXXVII (July 1830 - August 1898) 
    Editor(s): Mrs. Sarah J. Hale
    Publisher(s): Louis Antoine Godey
    Location: Philadelphia



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