Text: Edgar Allan Poe to John Neal — September 4, 1835 (LTR-049)


Richmond, Va. Sep. 4, 1835

My Dear Sir,

Herewith I send a number of the Southern Literary Messenger, a Magazine of which I have lately obtained the Editorship. Do you think you could send me regularly in exchange, The Galaxy or any other paper of wh: [which] you have the control? I should be extremely glad to hear from you, altho’ I suppose you have almost forgotten our former correspondence. When you reply to this I will write you more fully — for I have much to tell you.

Very truly & respectfully Yours
Edgar A. Poe





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to J. Neal (LTR049/RCL098)