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Text: Edgar Allan Poe, "To F —— [Frances]" (D), Broadway Journal, April 26, 1845, 1:260, col. 2

[page 260, column 1, continued:]

TO F——.

BELOVED! amid the earnest woes
    That crowd around my earthly path —
(Drear path, alas! where grows
Not even one lonely rose) —
    My soul at least a solace hath
In dreams of thee, and therein knows
An Eden of bland repose.

And thus thy memory is to me
    Like some enchanted far-off isle
In some tumultuous sea —
Some ocean thorbbing far and free
    With storms — but where meanwhile
Serenest skies continually
    Just o'er that one bright island smile.


Frances was the poetess Frances Sargent Osgood.

[S:1 - BJ, 1845 (fac, 1965)] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Poems - To F—— [Frances] (D)