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Text: Edgar Allan Poe, "To ——,"Broadway Journal, September 20, 1845, 2:164

[page 164, column 1, towards the bottom:]

To ——

The bowers whereat, in dreams, I see
    The wantonest singing birds,
Are lips — and all thy melody
    Of lip-begotten words —

Thine eyes, in Heaven of heart enshrined
    Then desolately fall,
O God! on my funereal mind
    Like starlight on a pall —

Thy heart — thy heart! — I wake and sigh,
    And sleep to dream till day
Of the truth that gold can never buy —
    Of the baubles that it may.


This version is nearly identical to that published about the same time in The Raven and Other Poems, 1845, with the additon only of "the" in the second to last line.

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