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Plate engraving for "The Island of the Fay," Graham's Magazine, June 1841, frontispiece

This engraving appeared at the front of the issue containing Poe's tale "The Island of the Fay" (Graham's Magazine, June 1841). The caption reads: "The Island of the Fay," with a subnote: "Engraved for Graham's Magazine from an Original by Martin." The mezzotint engraving was made by John Sartain. It is an adaptation of "Landscape with Pan and Syrinx," a painting by John Martin (1789-1854). The oil on canvas painting measures 24 x 25 inches (60 x 90 cm), and is signed at the lower left corner "J. Martin," and dated "1819." The painting was exhibited in December 1998 in the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, as part of a show on "Claude Lorrain and the Ideal Landscape." It is mentioned in the Gentleman's Magazine (London), September 1828, p. 254. Whether the engraving was inspired by the story, or the story by the engraving is not clear.
The Island of the Fay - engraving by J. Sartain

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