Text: unknown (ed. Killis Campbell), “The Departed,” The Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, Ginn and Company, 1917, pp. 142-143


[page 142, continued:]


Where the river ever floweth,

Where the green grass ever groweth,

Where each star most faintly gloweth,

Do I wander on;


My thick pulses hastily beating,

My quick glances now retreating,

And, with bold advance, now meeting,

Shadows of the gone!

Lonely, by that lovely river,


Where the moon-lit blossoms quiver,

Do I wander on forever,

Musing on the past;

When the weary moon descendeth,

When each pale star earthward bendeth,


Then my soul strong memories sendeth, —

Joys too bright to last!

She, earth’s bright and loveliest flower,

Spirit, cooped in mortal bower,

She, whose voice alone had power


O”er my soul, is gone!

Vain, oh! vain, are tears and wailing,

Fierce deep grief is unavailing,

Yet are they my heart assailing, —

Proud heart, never won! [page 143:]


By that river, ever flowing,

With heaven's light upon her glowing,

Sometimes comes she to me, showing

Things past and to come.

And we wander on, caressing,


While the mute earth sheds her blessing,

Happy in that dim possessing,

Spirits in the gloom!

Were it not for that dim meeting,

Were it not for that dark greeting,


Its own core my wild heart eating,

Soon would turn to clay.

Now along that lonely river, Lonely do I wander ever,

Where the nightly blossoms shiver, —


Dark and sad as they!







[S:0 - KCP, 1917] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - The Departed (ed. K. Campbell, 1917)