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Text: Edgar Allan Poe(?), [Additional] Review of New Books, from Graham's Magazine, April 1842, inside rear paper wrapper

[inside rear paper wrapper:]



[column 1:]

Frederick the Great and his Times. Edited, with an introduction, by Thomas Campbell, Esq. author of “The Pleasures of Hope.” Two volumes. Lea and Blanchard: Philadelphia.

We had much rather have Campbell styled “the author of the Battle of the Baltic,” than of “The Pleasures of Hope,” but this is a mere point of taste. He has been requested by the writer of this work to usher it with the name of Campbell, and has consented, because assured of the work’s merit. The Times of Frederick the Great were replete with interest. Thus, with a good theme and Campbell’s approbation of the handling, we may rely implicitly in the value of these volumes.


The American Pocket Library of Useful Knowledge. Complied by Thomas C. Clarke, Philadelphia. Second Edition. Griffith & Simon: Philadelphia.

The merits of this little book, as well as of its author, are so well known and appreciated, that we feel it unnecessary to do more than call public attention to the issue of a new edition. The variety, accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information here included, have seldom, if ever, been equalled, in the same space.


Physiology for Schools. By Reynell Coates, M. D., Corresponding Member of the National Institution, Washington City, &c. &c. Second Edition, Revised. Philadelphia: E. A. Butler.

The modest, not less than the excellent judgement of Dr. Coates, is displayed in the preface to this volume; which, in our honest opinion, is not only the best work of its kind extant, but the only work fulfilling in any degree the purposes of a text-book for schools. We are delighted to find such publications as this so well received by the public. [column 2:]

Visits to Remarkable Places; Old Halls, Battle-Fields, and Scenes Illustrative of Striking Passages in History and Poetry; Chiefly in the Counties of Durham and Northumberland. By William Howitt, Author of the “Rural Life of England,” “Book of the Seasons,” “Student Life of German,” &c. Second Series. Philadelphia: Carey & Hart.

The first series of this beautiful work will be remembered by all. The present is, perhaps, even more delightful. Few writers are more truly popular, and at the same time, more truly deserving popularity than Howitt. His sketches are replete with the interest of observation and profound sensibility to beauty both in Nature and Art. The external appearance of this volume nearly resembles that of “The Student Life of Germany,” and does honor to the liberality of Messieurs Carey & Hart.


The Patapsco and Other Poems. By Charles Soran. Second Edition with Additions. Fielding Lucas, Jr.: Baltimore

This is a very prettily printed little volume, dedicated to the Rev. J. N. M’Jilton and Mr. N. C. Brooks of Baltimore. Under the auspices of these gentlemen, this second edition has been issued. With an earnest wish to speak well of the work, we can find nothing in it worth even qualified commendation.


Gems of the Modern Poets. With Biographical Notices. By S. C. Hall. Carey and Hart: Philadelphia.

For the memoranda upon which the brief biographies of this work are based, the compiler is indebted, chiefly, to the poets themselves. The criticisms appear to us exceedingly judicious. The poems selected are indicative of the taste which has guided the whole publication.


The five notices given here may be attributed to Poe as probable, although not certain. Since they appear only inside the rear of the external paper wrappers, they were apparently unknown to Heartman and Canny, and are not mentioned by W. D. Hull or T. O. Mabbott. Similar notices inside the rear paper wrappers for November 1841 and February 1842 are known. W. D. Hull was apparently aware only of the February 1842 reviews, and considers all, with one possible exception, to have been written by Poe.

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