Text: Edgar Allan Poe to Thomas Cottrell Clarke — March 11, 1843 (LTR-155)


Washington — March 11. 1843.

My Dear Sir,

I write merely to inform you of my will-doing — for, so far, I have done nothing. My friend Thomas, upon whom I depended, is sick. I suppose he will be well in a few days. In the meantime, I shall have to do the best I can. I have not seen the President yet.

My expenses were more than I thought they would be, although I have economised in every respect, and this relay (>>Thomas‘<< being sick) puts me out sadly. However all is going right. I have got the subscriptions of all the Departments — President, [illegible] &c[.] I believe that I am making a sensation which will tend to the benefit of the Magazine.

Day [after] to-morrow I am to lecture.

Rob. Tyler is to give me an article — also Upsher.

Send me $10 by mail, as soon as you get this. I am grieved to ask you >>ask you<< for money, in this way. — but you will find your account in it — twice over.

Very truely yours Edgar A Poe.
Thos. C. Clarke Esqre





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Letters - Poe to T. C. Clarke (LTR155/RCL421)