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Text: Edgar Allan Poe, "Elizabeth Frieze Ellett," from Literary America, 1848, manuscript

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Elizabeth Frieze Ellett.

Mrs Ellett, or Ellet, has been long before the public as an author. Having contributed largely to the newspapers and other periodicals in her youth, she first made her débût on a more comprehensive scale, as the writer of "Teresa Contarini", a five-act tragedy, which had considerable merit, but was withdrawn after its first night of representation at the Park. This occurred at some period previous to the year 1834; the precise date I am unable to remember. The ill success of the play had little effect in repressing the ardor of the poetess, who has since furnished numerous papers to the Magazines. Her articles are, for the most part, in the rifacimento way, and, although no doubt composed in good faith, have the disadvantage of looking as if hashed up for just so much money as they will bring. The charge of wholesale plagiarism which has been adduced against Mrs. Ellett, I confess that I have not felt sufficient interest in her works, to investigate — and am therefore bound to believe it unfounded. In person [[,]] short and much included to embonpoint.


In the original manuscript, this brief note follows the entry for Lewis Gaylord Clark. This portion of the manuscript currently resides in the Berg Collection of the New York Public Library.

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