Text: Burton R. Pollin, “End-of-line Hyphenations,” The Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe — Vol. II: The Brevities (1985), pp. xlvi-xlvii (This material is protected by copyright)


[page xlvi:]

End-of-Line Hyphenations in the Copy-Text of The Brevities

The following compound words are hyphenated at the end of the line in the original texts of The Brevities. The forms in which they have been transcribed in this text and listed below are drawn from other texts by Poe and from research into standard usage of his time. Words that were hyphenated at the end of the line in the original text but were deemed to be fused words are not listed. The numbers in column I refer to the articles of the separate sections of The Brevities.


Article Number

7 banquet-scene

12 half-serious


Intro pencil-scratches

Intro transition-thought

Intro topsy-turvy

15 thrice-victorious

16 so-called

19 raree-show

23 over-scrupulous

27 twenty-first

34 hand-writing

67 hyper-excursive

71 non-convulsive

99 seventy-five

109 hop-skip-and-jump

109 Post-Prandian

109 Three-Bottle

114 ante-room

115 Hebrew-Greek

116 romantico-histories

120 play-wrights

140 “Outre-Mer”

143 well-digested

158 New-York

165 “Hero-Worship”

165 fellow-man

171 play-wright

178 self-praise

179 two-thirds

203 greasy-looking

211 title-page

221 prize-essay [page xlvii:]


4 far-fetched


l blue-stocking


3 one-third

9 nest-like

11 pick-pocketism

14 church-yard


End-of-Line Hyphenations in the Text of The Brevities

The following compound words are hyphenated at the end of the line in the present text of The Brevities. The forms below represent the compound words as used in the original copy-text, within the line, or as determined by Poe’s usage elsewhere for the two thus placed in both texts. If a hyphenated word does not appear below, it can be assumed to be a single or a fused word according to the original copy-text. The article of The Brevities in which the word occurs is listed in column one below:

Brevities article

M Intro. pencil-scratches

M 29 thirty-six

M 29 non-essentials

M 58 carrion-crow

M 99 seventy-five

M 104 grass-green (para. 3)

M 109 Three-Bottle

M 114 apple-dumpling

M 118 self-dependence

M 146 rifle-barrel

M 160 thirty-eight

M 200 sleep-walker

M 215 never-ending

M 221 self-sufficient

M 289 title-page

FS 1 blue-stocking

FS 22 clear-sightedness

SM 12 poet-love

SM 13 warrior-Christian

SM 13 Punch-men






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