Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Topics in Fifty Suggestions,” The Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe — Vol. II: The Brevities (1985), pp. liv-lv (This material is protected by copyright)


[page liv, continued:]


1 the blackness of blue in “blue — stocking women”

2 witticism: a newly appointed librarian now can learn to read

3 loving your enemies versus hating friends

4 a pun from Horace on “gravy”

5 cottage architecture more Dutch than would — be Gothic

6 G. P. R. James’ novels as repetitive

7 pun on sensational literary celebrities

8 pun on Mirabeau’s stay at If

9 kind words for the dead in Puckle and the Roman Twleve Tables

10 Fourierites mistranslate Latin adage on poets.

11 Poe disparages the spiritualist A. J. Davis.

12 politicians compared to departing animals

13 journalists compared to murderous Norse Gods

14 Plain speech if cultivated leads to fish — market English.

15 absurd fashions in long women’s purses

16 election terminology mocked

17 playful metaphors on the soul

18 C. Mathews’ tearful reaction to critics

19 morals of authors in their books and lives

20 epigram on the discipline of children

21 Greek deprecatory epigram applied to banks

22 poets as especially sensitive to injustice

23 genius as abnormal capacity

24 pun on beauty

25 revolutionary spirit in Great Britain — how soothable

26 Transcendental poets show a dying taste.

27 Taglioni, the “oppressed” dancer: a pun on lex Talionis [page lv:]

28 Fourier and Greeley as believers in credulity

29 French youth movement lacks a head.

30 T. S. Arthur’s writings derided

31 Mathews’ poem derided with French metaphor

32 publisher’s lack of critical ability illustrated

33 critical injustice perpetrated by emphasizing the lesser merits of writers

34 the development of “Habit” explained

35 Barrett’s “Lady Geraldine” weakly derived from “Locksley Hall”

36 Decuppis’ discovery of a new planet queried

37 Boileau line quoted on “ignorance is bliss”

38 Bryant and Street compared as descriptive poets

39 the relation between beauty and genius

40 Mathews’ “American Drama” deprecated

41 T. Moore — a fanciful poet, but not imaginative

42 “Suspect” needs new adjectival form.

43 Spenser’s verse repunctuated by Poe for witticism

44 Miss Edgeworth deprecated in evaluation of fashion

45 The People should obey, not shape the laws.

46 Mathews book is unreadable.

47 Greeley’s boot has the shape of Italy.

48 Webster’s Dictionary more English than the English

49 Poe doubts the “seven wise men” existed.

50 Critics try, unsuccessfully, to imitate Macaulay.






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