Text: Edgar Allan Poe, “Alone” (Comparative Text)


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Title: {{1839-01: Original //1877-02 ALONE. }}

Line-01-001: {{1839: From //1877-02: FROM }} childhood's hour I have not been

Line-01-002: As others were — I have not seen

Line-01-003: As others saw — I could not bring

Line-01-004: My passions from a common spring {{1839://1877-02: . }}

Line-01-005: From the same source I have not taken

Line-01-006: My sorrow {{1839://1877-02: ; }} I could not awaken

Line-01-007: My heart to joy at the same tone {{1839://1877-02: ; }}

Line-01-008: And all I lov’d {{1839://1877-02: , }} I lov’d alone {{1839://1877-02: . }}

Line-01-009: Then — in my childhood — in the dawn

Line-01-010: Of a most stormy life — was drawn

Line-01-011: From ev’ry depth of good and ill

Line-01-012: The mystery which binds me still {{1839://1877-02: : }}

Line-01-013: From the torrent, or the fountain {{1839://1877-02: , }}

Line-01-014: From the red cliff of the mountain {{1839://1877-02: , }}

Line-01-015: From the sun that ’round me roll’d

Line-01-016: In its autumn tint of gold —

Line-01-017: From the lightning in the sky

Line-01-018: As it pass’d me flying by —

Line-01-019: From the thunder, and the storm {{1839://1877-02: , }}

Line-01-020: And the cloud that took the form

Line-01-021: (When the rest of Heaven was blue)

Line-01-022: Of a demon in my view {{1839://1877-02: . }}

Signature: {{1839-01: E. A. Poe }}




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