Text: Rufus W. Griswold, “Preface [to volume IV]”, The Works of the Late Edgar Allan PoeVol IV: Pym & Miscellanies (1856), 4:v


[page v, unnumbered:]



THE present volume contains some of MR. POE's most remarkable productions. The nautical story of “Arthur Gordon Pym” was written at an early period of his literary life, is the longest of his fictions, and the only exhibition we have of his abilities in a protracted and sustained narrative. The humorous tales which follow, were, in the author's own opinion, among the most perfect and successful of his performances; and all readers will agree that the discussion respecting the Automation Chess Player of Maelzel is characteristically ingenious and conclusive.

The publisher has now finished the complete collection of the WORKS OF EDGAR A. POE, originally contemplated. The series of volumes, of which this is the fourth, embraces, it is believed, everything written by him which he himself would have wished thus to preserve.

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 1856.







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