Edgar Allan Poe — “The Mystery of Marie Roget”





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Reading and Reference Texts:

Reading copy:

  • “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — reading copy


Historical Texts:

Manuscripts and Authorized Printings:

  • Text-01 — “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1842 — (There are no known draft manuscripts or scratch notes reflecting the original effort of composition.)
  • Text-02 — “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1842-1843
    • Text-02a — “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1842 (Speculated faircopy manuscript Poe prepared for publication. The tale was written for TGAPP, and is listed in Poe's handwritten table of contents, but the text itself no longer survives. In need of money, Poe sold the tale to the editors of Snowden's Ladies’ Companion and crossed the title off the list of contents. This manuscript has not survived, but this version is presumably recorded in Text-02b.)
    • Text-02b — “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1842-1843 — Ladies’ Companion — (Mabbott text A)
  • Text-03 — “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1843-1849
    • Text-03a — “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1843-1845 — (a presumed revised version of text-02, in anticipation of the new edition in Tales. This version may have been made on pages of a copy of Snowden’ Ladies's Companion or may have been a new manuscript. No copy of either has survived, but the revisions are presumably reflected in text-03b.)
    • Text-03b — “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1845 — TALES — (Mabbott text B) (For Griswold's 1850 reprinting of this text, see the entry below, under reprints.)
    • Text-03c — “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1845-1849 — TALES-JLG — manuscript revisions in “J. L. Graham” copy of TALES — (Mabbott text C — This is Mabbott's copy-text)



  • The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1850 — WORKS — (Mabbott text D) (Griswold reprints from the stereotype plates of Text-03b.)
  • “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1852 — Tales of Mystery and Imagination and Humour; and Poems, London: Henry Vizetelly (An undated edition appears about the same time, published by Charles H. Clark and Samuel Orchart Beeton, and their name appears as publisher for the second series), first series pp. 122-174. (with 3 woodcut illustrations)
  • “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1867 — Prose Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, first series (New York: W. J. Widdleton), pp. 213-261 (This collection is extracted from the 1850-1856 edition of Poe's Works. It was reprinted several times.)
  • The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1874 — Works of Edgar A. Poe, edited by J. H. Ingram, vol. 1, pp. 442-493 (This collection was subsequently reprinted in various forms)
  • “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — April 6, 1911 — Kansas City Star (p. 5) (this item is noted by George Monteiro, “Fugitive Reprints,” E. A. Poe Review, Fall 2010, p. 162.)


Scholarly and Noteworthy Reprints:

  • The Mystery of Marie Roget” — 1894-1895 — The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, vol. 3: Tales, eds. E. C. Stedman and G. E. Woodberry, Chicago: Stone and Kimball (3:99-165)
  • The Mystery of Marie Roget — 1899 — New York: R. F. Fenno & Co. (includes “historical and criticial commentary” by Henry Austin)
  • The Mystery of Marie Rogêt” — 1902 — The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe, vol. 5: Tales IV, ed. J. A. Harrison, New York: T. Y. Crowell (5:1-66, and 5:313-316)
  • The Mystery of Marie Rogêt” — 1978 — The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe, vol. 3: Tales & Sketches II, ed. T. O. Mabbott, Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press (3:715-788)
  • “The Mystery of Marie Rogêt” — 1984 — Edgar Allan Poe: Poetry and Tales, Patrick F. Quinn (New York: Library of America), pp. 506-554


Comparative and Study Texts:

Instream Comparative and Study Texts:


Associated Material and Special Versions:

Miscellaneous Texts and Related Items:

  • “Le mystère de marie Roget” — 1865 — Histoires grotesques et sérieuses, Paris: Michel Lévy frères (French translation by Charles Baudelaire)
  • “[The Mystery of Marie Roget]” — 1881 — Underliga historier (Stockholm)  (Swedish translation, noted by Anderson, p. 54)
  • “Der Fall Marie Roget” — 1890 — Seltsame Gesdichten, Stuttgart: Spemann  (German translation by Alfred Mürenberg)
  • “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — December 14, 1953 — a radio show broadcast on the Suspense show, with Cornell Wilde. (As was often the case with dramatic presentations of Poe's works, the story has been modified.)
  • “The Mystery of Marie Roget” — February 7, 1960 — a radio show broadcast on the Suspense show, with Jason Beck and Robert Dryden. (As was often the case with dramatic presentations of Poe's works, the story has been modified.)



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