Text: Edgar Allan Poe (ed. E. C. Stedman and G. E. Woodberry), “Bibliography,” The Works of Edgar Allan PoeVol. X: Poems (1895), 10:267-281


[page 267:]


MOST of the following titles are given in full, having been taken either from the books themselves or from other trustworthy sources. In some instances where the books were not accessible, it was necessary to rely upon the accuracy of booksellers’ catalogues. The foundation of the list is the very careful and complete bibliography, up to its date, of Mr. Eames, as given in Sabin; but many titles have been added, and a few corrected, with the special help of Mr. S. A. Chevalier, of the Boston Public Library, for whose thorough revision the Editors make grateful acknowledgment



1827. TAMERLANE, AND OTHER POEMS. By a BOSTONIAN. Boston: Calvin F. S. Thomas. 1827. 40 pp. 12°.

Same. TAMERLANE AND OTHER POEMS. BY EDGAR ALLAN POE. First published in Boston, in 1827, and now first republished from a unique copy of the original edition, with a Preface by Richard Herne Shepherd. London: George Redway. MDCCCLXXXIV. 64 pp. Sm. 8°.

1829. AL AARAAF, TAMERLANE, AND MINOR POEMS. By EDGAR A. POE. Baltimore: Hatch and Dunning. 1829. 71 pp. 8°.

1831. POEMS. By EDGAR A. POE. Second Edition. New York: Elam Bliss. 1831. 124 pp. 12° [page 268:]

1838. THE NARRATIVE OF ARTHUR GORDON PYM, of Nantucket; comprising the Details of a Mutiny and Atrocious Butchery on board the American Brig ‘Grampus,’ on her Way to the South Seas in the month of June, 1827, with an Account of the Recapture of the Vessel by the Survivors; their Shipwreck, and subsequent Horrible Sufferings from Famine; their Deliverance by means of the British Schooner ‘Jane Guy;’ the brief Cruise of this latter Vessel in the Antarctic Ocean; her Capture, and the Massacre of her Crew among a Group of Islands in the eighty-fourth parallel of Southern latitude; together with the incredible Adventures and Discoveries still further South, to which that distressing Calamity gave rise. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1838. viii, 9-201 pp. 12°.

1838. THE NARRATIVE OF ARTHUR GORDON PYM, of Nantucket, North America: comprising the Details of a Mutiny, Famine, and Shipwreck, during a Voyage to the South Seas; resulting in various Extraordinary Adventures and Discoveries in the Eighty-fourth Parallel of Southern Latitude. London: Wiley and Putnam. . . . Whittaker and Co.; and Charles Tilt. 1838. (2), iv, 9-252 pp. 12°.

Same. London. 1841. 4°.

Same. London. 1859. 8°.

Same. London. 1861. 8°.

1839. THE CONCHOLOGIST’S FIRST BOOK: A System of Testaceous Malacology, Arranged expressly for the Use of Schools, in which the animals, according to Cuvier, are given with the shells, a great number of new species added, and the whole brought up as accurately as possible to the present condition of the science. By Edgar A. Poe. Philadelphia: Haswell, Harrington, and Haswell. 1839. 156 pp. 12 colored plates. 12°.

Same. Second Edition. 1840. 166 pp. 12 colored plates. 12°.

1840. TALES OP THE GROTESQUE AND ARABESQUE, By EDGAR A. POE. Philadelphia: Lea and Blanchard. 1840. 2 vols. 243, 228 pp. 12°.

1843. THE PROSE ROMANCES OF EDGAR A. POE. No. 1. The Murders in the Rue Morgue and the Man that was used up. Philadelphia. 1843. 8°. All published. [page 269:]

1844. THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ARTHUR GORDON PYM, Mariner of Nantucket, during a Voyage to the South Seas. London. 1844. 80 pp. 8°.

1845. TALES. By EDGAR A. POE. New York: Wiley and Putnam. (Wiley and Putnam's Library of American Books.) 1845. (3), 228 pp. 12°.

Same. London.

Same. New York. 1849.

1845. THE RAVEN, AND OTHER POEMS. By EDGAR A. POE. New York: Wiley and Putnam. (Wiley and Putnam's Library of American Books.) 1845. (8), 91 pp. 12°.

Same. London: Wiley and Putnam. (Wiley and Putnam's library of American Books.) 1846. (8), 91 pp. 12°.

Same. New York: W. J. Demorest. 1870. 16°.

1848. EUREKA: A PROSE POEM. By EDGAR A. POE. New York: Geo. P. Putnam. MDCCCXLVIII. 143 pp. 12°.

The half-title reads, Eureka: an Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe. The running title reads, Eureka. The Universe.

Same. London: J. Chapman.

1850. THE WORKS OF THE LATE EDGAR ALLAN POE: With notices of his Life and Genius, by N. P. Willis, J. R. Lowell, and R. W. Gnswold. In two volumes. . . . New York. J. S. Redfield. 1850. 2 v. pp. xx. 483; 495. Portrait. 12°.

Same. 1850. 3 v. Port. 12°.

Same. 1853. 4V. 12°.

For first edition of Vol. III. see The Literati.

1850. THE LITERATI: Some Honest Opinions about Autorial Merits and Demerits, with Occasional Words of Personality. Together with Marginalia, Suggestions, and Essays. By EDGAR A. POE. With a Sketch of the Author, by Rufus Wilmot Griswold. New York: J. S. Redfield. 1850. xxxix, 607 pp. 12°. Vol. III. of Poe's Collected Works.

1852. TALES OF MYSTERY, IMAGINATION, AND HUMOUR, AND POEMS. By EDGAR ALLAN POE. London: Viztelly. (Viztelly's Readable Books. No. 1.) 1852. xxiv, 256 pp. 12°.

Same. Second Series. Illustrated with sixteen Engravings on Wood. London: Viztelly. (Viztelly's Readable Books. No. 9.) 1852. (6), 252 pp. 12°.

Same. London: Ward, Lock, and Tyler, [n. d.] (4), 395 pp. 12°. [page 270:]

Same. Leipzig: Payne. (The English Library. Vols. VI. and VII.) 1855, 56. 2V. 16°.

Same. Halifax. 1855. 16°.

Same. London: C. H. Clarke. 1856. 12°.

Same. London: Ward and Lock. 1866. 12°. 1873-79. 12°.

Same. London: Ward, Lock, and Tyler. 1878. 8°.

Same. London: G. Routledge and Sons. (Routledge's Sixpenny Novels.) 1882. 160 pp. 8°.

1852. TALES AND SKETCHES: to which is added the Raven: A Poem. By EDGAR A. POE. London: George Routledge and Co. (Routledge's Popular Library.) 1852. (4), 268 pp. 12°.

1853. THE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. With a Notice of his Life and Genius. By James Hannay, Esq. With twenty Illustrations [on wood] by E. H. Wehnert, J. Godwin, and Hulme Weir. London: F. W. Addey. MDCCCLIII. xxx, (2), 144 pp. 16°.

Same. 1856, 1858, 1859, 1860, 1862, 1863, 1864, and [1865],

Same. Complete Edition. London: J. and C. Brown and Co. [n. d.] 185, (3) pp. 8 Woodcuts. 16°.

Same. Complete Edition. London: Charles Griffin and Company. [1865.] 191 pp. 16°.

Same. New Edition. 1867. 12°; 1872. 12°.

1853. TALES OF MYSTERY AND IMAGINATION. By EDGAR A. POE. London. 1853. 2 v. 12°.

Same. London: Ward and Lock. 1864. 16°.

1854, 58. THE SELECT WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. With Memoir. Leipzig: A. Durr. (Durr's Collection of American Authors. Vols. XIII. and XIV.) 1854, 58. 2 vols., pp. 246; 280. 12°.

1856. THE WORKS OF THE LATE EDGAR ALLAN POE. With a Memoir by Rufus Wilmot Griswold, and Notices of his Life and Genius by N. P. Willis and J. R. Lowell, In Four Volumes. Redfield: New York. 1856. 4 vols. pp. (2), lv, 483; xxvi, 495; iv, 21-607; 447. 12°.

Contents. Vol. I. Tales. II. Poems and Sketches. III. The Literati and Critical Essays. IV. Arthur Gordon Pym, and Miscellanies.

Same, 1858. (15th ed.) [page 271:]

Same. 1861.

Same. New York: W. J. Widdleton. 1863. 8°.

Same. 1864.

1856. THE NARRATIVE OF ARTHUR GORDON PYM. With Stories of Humour, and a few Essays. London. 1856. 12°.

1857. THE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE and RICHARD H. DANA. London: G. Routledge and Co. 1857. 259, (i) pp. 18°.

Same. 1860.

1857. POEMS. By EDGAR A. POE. With notices of his Life and Genius, by Edmund F. Blanchard. Illustrated by Absolon, Weir, and Godwin. London. 1857. 12°.

1858. THE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. With Original Memoir by Charles F. Briggs. Illustrated by T. R. Pickersgill, R. A., John Tenniel, Birket Foster, F. O. C. Darley, Jaspar Cropsey, Paul P. Duggan, Percival Skelton, A. M. Madot, and W. Harry Rogers. Engraved by Cooper, Linton, Evans, and others. With a Portrait of the Author, from a Daguerrotype taken shortly before his Death. London: Sampson, Low, Son and Co. MDCCCLVIII. xxii, 247 pp. 8°.

Same. New York: J. S. Redfield.

Same. London: Sampson, Low, Son and Co. MDCCCLIX.

Same. MDCCCLXVI. xxii, 167 pp.

Same. Ward and Lock. [1871.]


1859. POEMS BY EDGAR ALLAN POE. Complete, with an Original Memoir. New York: J. S. Redfield. 1859. 18°. New York: W. J. Widdleton. 1861. 18°. MDCCCLXIII. 278 pp. Portrait. 18°; 1864. 278 pp. 18°; 1865; 1866; with an Original Memoir by R. H. Stoddard. MDCCCLXXII. 278 pp. 18°; 1874. 18; Red Line Edition. Illustrated. 1881. 12°.

Same. London. G. Routledge and Sons. 1875. 8°; 1893. 8°.

1861. THE WONDERFUL ADVENTURES OF A. GORDON PYM. By EDGAR ALLAN POE. London: W. Kent and Co. 1861. Fcap 8°. [page 272:]

Same. [1862,] 219 pp. 12°.

1864. TALES AND POEMS. New Edition. London: Ward and Lock. 1864. 12°.

[1866.] THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. With a selection of his Sketches and Reviews. London: Ward and Lock. (Library of Popular Authors.) [1866.] Fcap 8°.

1866. THB RAVEN OF POE. Illustrated by David Scattergood. With a portion of the poem set to music. Philadelphia. 1866. 4°.

1867. THE PROSE TALES OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. First Series. New York: W. J. Widdleton. 1867. 498 pp. 12°.

Same. Second Series. 1867. 498 pp. 12°.

1868. THE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. Illustrated by Walter H. Paton, J. M. Whirter, C. Stanton. . . and other. . . Artists. Edinburgh: Alexander Hislop and Company. [1868.] 176 pp. 4°.

Same. Melbourne: G. Robertson. 144 pp. 1868. 8°.

Same. Edinburgh: Alexander Hislop and Company. [1869.] 208 pp. 8°.

Same. London: Simpkin. 1870. 12°. Same. London. 1871. 8°. Same. Edinburgh. 1872. 12°. Same. Edinburgh. 1872. 8°.

1869. THE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. With Portrait and Illustrated Frontis to the Raven, by John Tenniel. New York: W. J. Widdleton. 1869.

1869. THE RAVEN. By EDGAR ALLAN POE. Glasgow: John Thompson. 1869. 8 pp. 16°.

Same. London. Griffith. 1884. 4°.

[1872.] THE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE, Including the Choicest of his Critical Essays. . . . With a Study on his Life and Writings, from the French of C. Baudelaire [by H. Curwen]. With Sketches of Poe's School near London. Portraits and Fac-similes. London: John Camden Hotten. [1872.] viii, 676 pp. Cr. 8°.

[1874.] THE RAVEN. By EDGAR A. POE. Illustrated. Presented by the United States Life Insurance Co. in the City of New York. [1874.] 8°. [page 273:]

1874-75. THE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. Edited by John H. Ingram. . . . Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black 1874-75- 4 vols., (2), xcix, 513; vi, 569; vi, (i), 517; (2), vii, 5 74 pp. Portrait, Plate, and 2 Facsimiles. 12°. New York-. W. J. Widdleton. 1876. 12°.

Same. London: Longmans. 1880. 4 vols. 8°.

1875. SELECTED POEMS. THE RAVEN. EDGAR A. POE. New York: Kilbourne Tomkins. . . . 1875. 9 pp. Sq. 12°.

1876. THE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE, including Poetical and Prose Writings. New York: W. J. Widdleton. 1876. viii, 676 pp. 12°.

1876. THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE, with a selection of his Sketches. London: Ward and Lock. 1876. 12°.

1876. THE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE, complete, with Memoir and Vindication. New York. 1876. 16°.

1876. Memorial Edition. POEMS AND ESSAYS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. Including Memoir by John H. Ingram, Tributes to his Memory by Professor Lowell and N. P. Willis; with the Letters, Addresses and Poems of the memorial ceremonies at the Monumental Dedication. New York: W. J, Widdleton. 1876. clxxvi, 5-270 pp. 12°.

1877. THE LIFE AND POEMS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. (A new Memoir by E. L. Didier.) And additional Poems. New York: W. J. Widdleton. 1877. 305 pp. Portrait. Illus. Plate. 16°.

Same. 1879.

1879. THE MYSTERY OF MARGARET ROGET, AND OTHER TALES. London: Chatto. 1879. 12°.

1880. SELECT WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. Poetical and Prose. With a new Memoir by R. H. Stoddard. Household Edition. New York: W. J. Widdleton. 1880. dxxviii, 25-676 pp. Portrait. 16°.

1881. THE POEMS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. With an Essay of his Poetry by Andrew Lang. London: Kegan Paul, MDCCCLXXXI. xxvi, 172 pp. Plate. 8.

Same. MDCCCLXXXIII. (Parchment Library series.) 1881. THE BELLS: A Poem. Illustrated from Original Drawings. Philadelphia. 1881. Sm. 4. VOL. x. 18° [page 274:]

[1882.] THE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. Together with his Essays on the Poetic Principle and the Philosophy of Composition, and a Critical Memoir [by F. M. H.]. With Illustrations. (Moxon's Popular Poets.) [1882.] cxi, 254 pp. 8°.

1883. THE RAVEN. Illustrated by Gustave Dor6, with a Comment upon the Poem by E. C. Stedman. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1883. F. Same. London.

[1883.] THE RAVEN. Illustrated [by W. L. Taylor]. London: Griffith & Farren. [1883.] 4°.

Same. New York.

[1884.] THE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. With an Introduction and a Memoir by Richard Henry Stoddard. New York: A. C. Armstrong & Son. [1884.] 6 vols. Illus. Portraits. Facsimile. 8°.

Same. London: Kegan Paul.

Same. THE COMPLETE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. With an Introduction by Richard Henry Stoddard. Fordham Edition. New York. 1894. 6 vols. Illus. Portraits. Facsimile. 8.

1884. POEMS AND ESSAYS. Edited with a new Memoir by John H. Ingram. London: Sampson, Low & Co. 1884. 328 pp. 18°.

Same. Leipzig. (Tauchnitz ed.) 12°.

1884. THE TALES AND POEMS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. With a Biographical Essay by John H. Ingram, and. . . Etchings [by Wogel and others]. . . . London: J. C. Nimmo. 1884. 4 vols. 8°.

Same. Sampson, Low & Co, Same. Leipzig. (Tauchnitz ed.)

1885. THE RAVEN. With a Literary and Historical Commentary by John H. Ingram. London: G. Redway. 1885. 122 pp. 8°.

1886. THE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. With a Prefatory Notice, Biographical and Critical. By Joseph Skipsey. London: W, Scott. (Canterbury Poets.) 1886. 288 pp. Sm. 8°.

[1886.] THE POETICAL WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. London: T. Nelson & Sons. [1886.] 174 pp. 12°. [page 275:]

1886. TALES. Selected by H. R. Haweis. London: Routledge. (World Library.) 1886. Sq. 16°.

1886. SELECTIONS FROM EDGAR ALLAN POE. Prose and Poetry. London: Cassell. 1886. 8°.

1886. LENORE. By EDGAR ALLAN POE. Illustrated [by Hy Sandham, A. R. A.]. Boston: Published by Estes and Lauriat 1886. 16 ff. Sm. 4°.

1887. POEMS. London: G. Routledge & Sons. (Routledge's Pocket Library.) 1887. 254 pp. 8°.

1888. THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS AND ESSAYS ON POETRY OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. Together with his NARRATIVE OF ARTHUR GORDON PYM. Edited, annotated, and arranged, with Memoir by John H. Ingram. London: Warne. (Chandos Classics.) 1888. xxxii, 384 pp. 8°.

1888. PROSE TALES, with Etchings from Gifford and Church. New Edition. New York. 1888. 3 vols. 8°.

[1888.] THE BELLS, Illustrated. London: (Nuremberg printed.) E. Nister. [1888.]

1889. TALES OF TERROR AND FANTASY. Illustrated. London: Dicks. 1889. 8°.

1889. THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER, and other Tales and Prose Writings of EDGAR POE. Selected and Edited, with Introduction, by Ernest Rhys. London: Walter Scott; Toronto: W. J. Gage and Co. (Camelot Series.) 1889. xxx, (i), 312 pp. 16°. The binder's title reads: POE’S TALES AND OTHER PROSE WRITINGS.

1891. POPULAR TALES. London: Simpkin. 1891. 8°.

1893. THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE. . . . London: Low. (Manchester Library.) 1893. 8°.

1893. THE GOLD BUG. Illustrated by Millis. London: Routledge. (Guillaume's Nelumbos.) 1893. 18°.

1894-95. THE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE. Newly collected and edited, with a Memoir, Critical Introduction, and Notes, by Edmund Clarence Stedman and George Edward Woodberry. The Illustrations by Albert Edward Sterner. Chicago: Stone and Kimball. MDCCCXIV-V. 10 vols. Portraits. Facsimile. 8°. [page 276:]


1846. LES CONTES D’EDGAR POE. Paris. 1846. 12°.

1853. NOUVELLES CHOISIES: Le Scarable d’Or; L’Aeronautehollandais. Paris: Hachette et Cie. 1853. 12°.

1853-58. AUSGEWAHLTE WERKE VON E. A. POE. Aus dem Englischen von W. E. Drugulin. Leipzig: Kollmann (Amerikanische Bibliothek. Nr. 37, 38, 99). 1853-58. 3 Bande. pp. 200; 214; 197. 16°.

1855-58. NOVELLEN VON EDGAR ALLAN POE. Leipzig: Payne (Illustrirte Familien-Bibliothek. Nr. 49, 56). 2 Bande, pp. 192; 192. 16°.

1855. FORTÆLLiNGER. Overs. Kjobenhavn: Jordan. 1855. 12°.

1856. HlSTOIRES EXTRAORDINAIRES Par EDGAR POE. . . . Traduction de C. Baudelaire. Paris: Michel Lévy freres. 1856. 12°. Reprinted in the numerous editions of Baudelaire's Works.

1858. AVENTURES D’ARTHUR GORDON PYM, Par EDGAR POE. Traduction de Charles Baudelaire. Paris: Michel Lévy freres. 1858. 12°. Reprinted in the numerous editions of Baudelaire's Works.

Same. Deuxieme Edition. 1862. (4), 280 pp. 16°.

Same. 1870. (4), 517, (i), pp. 12°.

1858. EDGARDO POE. Historias extraordinarias precedidas de un prdlogo crftico-biogra’nco por el Doctor Landa. Madrid, 1858, imprenta de Luis Garcfa, editor. Libreria de BailJyBailliere y Duran. xxviii, 288 pp. 16°.

Same. Madrid, 1859. 2V. 16°.


1859. HISTORIAS EXTRAORDINARIAS DE EDGARD POE. Primera s6rie: Noticias biogrdficas de Edgard Poe. El barril de amontillado. Cuatro palabras con una momia. Una bestia que vale por cuatro. El corazon revelador. Lo que son notabilidades. Enterrado vivo. Madrid, 1859, imp. de El [page 277:] Atalaya, a* cargo de J. M. Allegrfa, lib. de Lopez y BaillyBailliere. (Biblioteca de viaje. Tomo II.) xxii, 180 pp. 8.

1859. HlSTORIAS EXTRAORDINARIAS DE EDGARD POE. Segunda se”rie. Viage a” la luna a* despecho de la gravitation, la presion atmosfe’rica y otras Zarandajas. Aventuras sin igual, de un tal Hans Pfaall. Madrid, 1859, imp. de El Atalaya cargo de J. Martin Alegrfa, lib. de Bailly-Bailliere. (Biblioteca de viaje. TomoV.) iv, 156 pp. Desde la pgina 135 al fin comprende: Cuentos, artfculos, y novelas, de D. Pedro Antonio deAlarcon. Segunda sie. Soy, tengo y quiero. (Portada.)

1859. HISTORIAS EXTRAORDINARIAS DE EDGARD POE. . . Viaje a* la Luna. . . Madrid: Imprenta de El Atalaya. . . (Biblioteca de Viaje.) 1859. (2), 137 pp. 8°.

1860. MORDET PA RUE DE MORGUE. EN BROTTMlLSHISTORIA. [Ofvers af M. A. Goldschmidt. Dermed sammantryckt: Souvestre, E., En konkursauktion i Alabama. Berattelse fran N”. Amerikas slafstater. [Ofvers. af K. E. K. Brodman.] Stockholm. (Novellbibliothek. No. n.) 1860. 72, 40 pp. 12°.

1861. UNBEGREIFLICHE EREIGNISSE UND GEHEIMNISSVOLLE. THATEN. In achtzehn der merkwiirdigsten Erzahlungen des Americaners, EDGAR ALLAN POE. Stuttgart. Scheible* 1861. 580 pp. 16°.

[1862.] CONTES INE”DITS D’EDGAR Poe*. Traduits del* Anglais par W. L. Hughes. Paris: Hetzel. [1862], 12°.

1863. EURKA. Par EDGAR POE. Traduit par Charles Baudelaire. Paris: Michel LeVy freres. 1863. 12°. Reprinted in the numerous editions of Baudelaire's Works.

1863. AVENTURAS DE ARTURO GORDON PYM. . . . Barcelona, 1863. 4°.

1864. DER RABE, DIE GLOCKEN, UND LENORE. Uebersetzt von Carl Theodore Eben. Philadelphia. 1864. 16°. (Four American Poems.) English -with German translations.

1865. HISTOIRES GROTESQUES ET SÉRIEUSES. Par EDGAR POE. Traduites par Charles Baudelaire. Paris: Michel Levy freres. 1865. 12.

Same. Nouvelle Edition. Paris: Calmann Lgvy. 1889. (3), 371, (i) pp. 12. Reprinted in Baudelaire's Works.

1868. PHANTASTISKE FORTgELLINGER. Oversat paa Dansk af Robert Watt. Vissing. 1868. [page 278:]

1869. NOUVELLES HTSTOIRES EXTRAORDINAIRES. Par EDGAR POE. Traduction de Charles Baudelaire. Paris: Michel Levy freres.

1869. (2), 544 pp. 12°. Volume VI. of the GEuvres completes de Charles Baudelaire. And in the other later editions of Baudelaire's Works.

[1869.] LE CORBEAU. Conte fantastique. [Par EDGAR. POE. Traduit par Eugene Goubert. Paris. 1869.] 8 pp. 12°.

1869. DER RABE. Uebersetzt von Carl Theodore Eben. Illustrationen von David Scattergood. Philadelphia. 1869. 8°.

1869. DER RABE. Mit einer biographischen Skizze. . . Philadelphia, 1869. 8°.

[1869.] MILLE ET DEUXIEME NUIT. Conte ine*dit d’Edgar Poe, illustr6 par A. Gill. Coulotnmiers. [1869.] 45 pp. 4°.

1869. STORIE INCREDIBILI DI EDGARDO POE. Saggio e versione di B. E. Maineri. Milano. Tip. Pirola. 1869. 292 pp. 8°.

1875. LE CORBEAU. THE RAVEN. Poeme. . . Traduction francaise de S. Mallarm6, avec illustrations par. Manet. Paris. 1875. Folio. With the original English text.

1874. THE RAVEN. By EDGAR ALLAN POE. DER RABE, von EDGAR ALLAN POE. Uebersetzt von Niclas Miiller, Verlagvon Nic. Miiller, New York. 1874. n pp. 8°. In German and English.

[187?] DER RABE. Deutsch von Ed. Mautner. Wien.

[187?] (Neues Wiener Theater. Nr. 35.)

Same. 2te Auflage. [188?]

1876. RACCONTI INCREDIBILI: Lo scarabeo d’oro; Doppio assassino nella via Morgue; La lettera rubata; Aventura impareggiabile d’un certo Hans Pfaal; La verita sul caso del Signor Valdemar; Manoscritto trovato in una bottega j Una discesa nel Maelstrom. Con 12 quadri. Milano. Tip. edit. Lombarda. 1876. 176 pp. 8°.

1879. The Oval Portrait, A. Parnassus. Athens. 1879. In Modern Greek.

[1879.] UNHEIMLICHE GESCHICHTEN. In deutcher Bearbeitung nach A. B. Edwards und E, A. Poe. Jena, Altenburg. [printed 1879.] 2 Bande. 8°. [page 279:]

[1881.] SELTSAME GESCHICHTEN von EDGAR ALLAN POE. Uebersetzt und eingeleitet von Alfr. Miirenberg. Stuttgart. (Collection Spemann. Nr. 29.) [iSSi-l 200 pp. 8.

1881. UNDERLIGA HISTORIER. Med. illustr. Ofvers. Stockholm: F. & G. Beijer. 1881. 2 vols., pp. 175, 209. 8.

1882. CONTES GROTESQUES. Traduction. Hennequin.. Avec une vignette par 0. Redou. Troisieme Edition. Paris, 1882. 294 pp. 18°.

1882. VALDA NOVELLER. Ofvers. jeinte lefnadstecknbg af H. Schuck. Stockholm: J. Seligmann & Komp. 1882. xiv, 199 pp. 8°.

1883-86. AUSGEWAHLTE NOVELLEN. Deutsch von J. Mollenhoff. Leipzig. P. Reclam jun. [1883-86.] 3 vol. pp. 84, 113; 120. [Universal-Bibliothek, 1646, 1703, 2176.] 16°.

Contents. i. Biographic des Dichters. Froschhiipfer. Erzahlung aus den Ragged-Mountains. Die schwarze Katze. Die Wassergrube und das Pendel. 2. Das verratherische Herz. ‘Die Maske des rothen Todes. Der Untergang des Hauses Usher. Der Maelstrom, Die Mordthaten in der Rue Morgue. 3. Der entwendete Brief. Eine kurze Unterredung mit einer Mumie. Der Mann der Menge. Die Augenglaser oder Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Die erstaunlichen Wirkungen des Mesmerismus auf einen Sterbenden.

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G. E. W.




Joseph Sabin (1821-1881) compiled Bibliotheca Americana (A Dictionary of Books Relating to America from its discovery to the Present Time). The first volume appeared in 1868, and at the time of Sabin's death, only the first 12 volumes had appeared, bringing the work up to the letter N. The series was subsequently continued by other editors until 1936, eventually running to 29 volumes. Wilberforce Eames (1855–1937) was an American bibliographer and book collector, who contributed a number of items to Sabin's bibliography. Samuel A. Chevalier was a librarian and cataloguer at the Boston Public Library for 41 years, retiring in 1936. (He was born about 1872.)



[S:0 - SW94, 1895] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Bibliography (Stedman and Woodberry, 1895)