The French Plaque


Photograph of French Plaque

Photograph of the now-lost plaque, present­ed in 1921. (From M. E. Phillips, Poe the Man, 1926.)

This elaborate 3-foot tall bronze, or brass, wreath was presented by the French Literary Society and the Alliance Francaise in 1921. The inscription read “A la memoire D‘Edgar Allan Poe, eternellement cher dans les coeurs de ses amis Francis.” (“To the memory of Edgar Allan Poe, eternally dear to the hearts of his French friends, this small tribute to his genius is dedicated.”) Originally attached directly to the Poe Monument, the patina from the metal began to run down the white marble, producing an unsightly stain. The wreath was then moved to the brick wall behind the monument.

Unfortunately, the plaque was stolen some years ago and has not been recovered. It was replaced with a 21-inch by 39-inch pexi-glass plaque, bearing the inscription and a shadowy outline of the original tribute. The new plaque adds: “This memorial, originally in brass, was brought from France by Count F. de Byron-Khun and Prince Edgard de Waldeck under the auspices of the French Literary Society and placed here in the presence of the French consul, Mr. L. Rabillon, June the 25th, 1921. The memorial was restored by the Westminster Preservation Trust and rededicated in the presence of the French consul, Mr. Raoul Calvignac, April 9, 1986.”


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