Text: John Pendleton Kennedy to Edgar Allan Poe — April 26, 1836


My Dear Poe, — I am remiss in so long postponing the performance of my duty to you in regard to the question you propounded in a former letter relating to the estate of Mr. Clemm. The truth is McCulloh has been but little in town, and I have been a great deal out of it, and our incomings and outgoings were completely dovetailed: so I could not see him. Yesterday, however, I was furnished with an opportunity to learn from him all about the matter. We had a long talk, the result of which was to show me that, the heirs of Wm. Clemm have no claim to anything. There were debts, advances — and I know not what — that had utterly extinguished the claim of W. Clemm himself. Mr. McCulloh has promised to give me the statement on paper. When he does so I will send it to you.

That rascally little Hubard still sets me at defiance. Is it not hard that I should be so cozened by such an ape? I believe he is in Norfolk and my picture perhaps is with him. The devil take him for a false dauber of fair colours — a counterfeit, as he is a counterfeiter, of a gentleman. I have almost a mind to go to Norfolk on purpose just to beard — no to moustache, him, — nature has not given him manliness enough for a beard. — After all, I suppose if I did go he would persuade me that the picture had sailed by the last boat, and I should be cheated again. So I will for the present bear my misfortune. I heartily rejoice to see you thriving so well.

Tell Mr. White that I reed his letter informing me of his daughter’s coming to Baltimore but was in Washington on the day he had named for her arrival.

Very truly Yours
John P. Kennedy.

Balt. April 26, 1836.





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - J. P. Kennedy to Poe (RCL135)