Text: James F. Otis to Edgar Allan Poe — June 11, 1836


June 11, 1836

My dear Sir,

I have just come out of the House of Repr[esentautives] after a session of Twenty-Five Hours — jaded, tired, and tripped. So pray bear this in mind as, you peruse my letter in reply to yours, apologetical. I pray you think no more of that. As regards all my pieces to you, I say with Pope

“ — pray take ‘em, —
I’m all submission: what you’d have ‘em, make ‘em!”

Indeed I will do something for you in the course of a week or two, but at present I am “used up.” —

Tell our good friend T. W. White so, an you please. — ­I actually could not get health, breath, or time, to do the notice he wrote about. — Shall write him soon. —

Also tell him, Evans relucts at having letters sent him to be franked by distant correspondents, and by people he does not know. I think this should not be. —

And now a word or two, autographical. I send you a collection.

The George Lunt is characteristic. He dwells in Newburyport, (Mass.) — is the author of “The Grave of Byron, and other Poems,” — a clever fellow, a lawyer, and Senator of Mass; about 30 years of age.  

The Willis is all I can do for you. I have others of his at my residence at home. —

James Brooks is something of a literary lion Just now. This autograph is perfect. — Residence Portland Maine.

The G. Mellen is also good. He sometimes writes it as this — Grenville Mellen. The enclosed is genuine. His home is Cambridge Mass.

I send you one of Noah and Stone, which I happen to have.

William Cutter is genuine. Resides in Portland Maine, A merchant. Educated man. Young. Fine poet.

P. Mellen’s autograph is genuine. He was Chief Justice of Maine until last year, when he was legally disquali­fied from holding that office by reason of his having attained to age of 70. A fine writer: in the full vigor of his intellect. Portland. Maine.

Miss Gould’s is only genuine in the initials. — the rest I believe I added some years ago. — It is at your service. Newburyport. Mass.

Mrs. Stephens is editress of the Portland Magazine. Portland. Maine

The Downing is also positively genuine. I will vouch for its being from the pen of the veritable. — Downingville. Down East.

Harrison Gray Otis’s autograph may have some value to your readers. I need add nothing as to it. It is a fair specimen, will be recognized all over the country.

Hoping this dozen will do you some good, and promising you my aid to obtain more, I remain

Yours very truly,





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