Text: Thomas W. White to Edgar Allan Poe — January 17, 1837


Jan. 17, ‘37.

Mr. Poe, — If it be possible, without breaking in on my previous arrangements, I will get more than the 1st portion of Pym in — tho’ I much fear that will be impossible.

If I had read even 10 lines of Magruder’s manuscript, it would have saved me the expense of putting it in type. — It is all [[illegible]] — bombast. He will have to live a little longer before he can write well enough to please the readers of the M.

Touching Carey’s piece, gratitude to him for pecuniary assistance, obliges me to insert it.

You are certainly as well aware as I am that the last $20 I advanced to you was in consideration of what you were to write for me by the piece.

I also made you a promise on Saturday that I would do something more for you to-day, — and I never make even a promise without intending to perform it, — and though it is entirely out of my power to send you up any thing this morning, yet I will do something more for you before night, or early to-morrow, — if I have to borrow it from my friends.

Truly yrs —
T. W. W.





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - T. W. White to Poe (RCL170)