Text: E. Burke Fisher to Edgar Allan Poe — June 10, 1839


Pittsburgh, June 10, 1839.
Edgar A. Poe, Esq.

Dear Sir,

I am authorized by the publishers of the Literary Examiner to solicit from you contributions to their magazine. I should be happy in your compliance, for there is no writer in the Union whose ability as a general and elegant writer I value more highly than I do you. Their terms of remuneration are $2 per page. And I shall make your case an exception and make the terms $3, or rather than not meet your favorable consideration $4 per page. If $3 content you, well; if not I shall think the Examiner highly fortunate in publishing your articles at the other term ($4). In the event of your writing for me, I pledge myself to send you the amount due for whatever you may write, immediately on the publication of each article. The quantity is discretionary with yourself. The choice of subjects could not be left in better hands.

By the way, there is a subject I would like you much to take up. Your mode of handling authors as shown in your conduct of the Messenger is so much to my liking that I feel that in your hands the matter would be thoroughly and fearlessly managed. I allude to a criticism on our American Novelists taken up separately, and embracing all of them worthy of comment. It might possibly require to be carried on through 3 or 4 nos. of the Magazine. Having full confidence in your correct appreciation of the claims of each and all of them, I have no hesitation in promising the publication of the matter furnished by you, entire and without alteration. You may remain unknown in the premises if you wish.

I offer the proposition in the rough for I am up to my ears in business and can only spare time sufficient to inscribe my views hastily and express to you the pleasure it would afford me if you regard the foregoing favorably.

In either event

I am
Most sincerely yours,
E. Burke Fisher.

E A Poe, Esq.




This text is taken from a transcript make by Thomas Ollive Mabbott prior to December 16-17, 1929. It was printed from this copy by Heartman and Canny in the 1943 edition of their Poe Bibliography (pp. 219-220).


[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - E. B. Fisher to Poe (RCL186)