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[Text: Charles W. Thomson to E. A. Poe - May 1, 1841]

Dear Sir,

I observe a notice on the cover of the May Mag. in reference to payment of writers, which perhaps may be intended for my information -- I have merely to remark in regard to the matter, that I do not expect payment for anything heretofore published or now in your possession, but I should like to know from Mr. Graham whether he is willing to pay for future contributions and at what rate. It is time for me to think of making my efforts a little more productive than they have heretofore been --  I have preferred addressing you on this occasion, as we have before spoken together on the subject. --

I am very respectfully
& truly yours
C. W. Thomson

1 May 1841

E. A. Poe Esq

+ An article entitled "Sighs for the unattainable" promised three or four months ago, has not yet appeared.

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