Text: Frederick W. Thomas to Edgar Allan Poe — July 19, 1841


Washington City   July 19, 1841.

My dear friend —

I have been twice to see Mr Kennedy without being successful — While he is in the house of Representatives, office hours are nothing ever as in the Treasury — I however will see him yet —

one of the things which makes against applicants is the fact that President Tyler is opposed to removals in office here — Twelve Locofocos were turned out on Saturday last, and it is said the President has reinstated all but 5 — But this is a mere rumor —

Enclosed I send you a cryptograph letter from Mr Ewing, Jr (son of the Secretary of the Treasury) to whom I have been speaking of you, for I hope to pave the way for you — I enjoyed myself much at the President’s, but as it was a formal dinner party I had not an opportunity of speaking to him especially of you — These public men are occupied so much that it is difficult to see them. Decypher Mr. P. Ewing’s cryptograph in your August number if you can — Let me have it by return mail

Your friend —
[[F. W. Thomas]]
[[The signature is missing from this letter]]





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