Text: Frederick W. Thomas to Edgar Allan Poe — October 14, 1841


Washington   Octr 14, 1841.

My dear Friend —

Did you receive the MS: Music I sent you the other day? — What says Willig of it. How does your lady and mother like the tune?

Poe I have by me two addresses of President Tyler, on which I should like to write a review, merely literary; would you like to publish it in Graham’s? — I should say perhaps, that I like them very much, and of course should notice them favourably. One of the addresses was before two Literary Societies of Randolph-Macon College, and the other on the Anniversary of the Death of Jefferson. —

Write me frankly on the subject. — What is the chance of publishing this fall? Why don’t you write a drama? — I don’t mean one for the stage, but one in which you can introduce the “spirits of the vasty deep” — They will come to your call — You may depend upon it — Something in the drama line like “Manfred” or the “Mask of Comus” — Have you never thought of such? — It would suit your Genius and cast of thought exactly — and I feel convinced that you would make a hit in it — a great hit.

Dow is well. He has gone to housekeeping — does better out of office he says than in. He edits the “Index” published at Alexandria, and flames forth a zealous politician. I think he will make a good editor — very. Do you know Judge Upshur the new secretary of the Navy? He could be of service to you in your views here. — Let me know if you do — I wish you could spare time to come on —

Is Judge Upshur the author of the “Partazan [[Partizan]] Leader” (a novel, which I have not read, but which I am told is a good thing) which was noticed very highly in Southern Literary Messenger. Some attribute to Judge Tucker —

Poe let me hear from you on the reception of this —

Your friend
F. W. Thomas



George Willig was a music publisher in Philadelphia (at 171 Chestnut Street).


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