Text: Frederick W. Thomas to Edgar Allan Poe — November 23, 1841


Washington   November 23.  1841.

My dear Friend —

Mr. Willig has not done me the honor of sending me the aforesaid copies of my song — If you should see him will you be so kind as to jog his memory upon the point —

Judge Brackenridge’s MS came safely to hand and has been transmitted to the Messenger, from whose editor I received all kinds of a courteous letter —

I looked in my trunk in hopes of obtaining an autograph of Prentice; but I find I have none by me — I have written to Louisville and wonder I do not hear from there, from him. He, however is a careless personage in answering letters I suspect —

Poe, I have commenced the study of the French language, and wish that you would give me some advice as to the best manner of pursuing it — do you consider its acquirement very difficult? — No it could not have been difficult to you, as you have such a talent for languages; but it will be I fear very much so to me — I am anxious to have your advice on the subject —

Can I be of any service to the Magazine here? Command me if I can — Have you heard from John P. Kennedy since I wrote you — His Whig “Manifesto” I suspect, has “used up” as we say in the West, all the influence he might have had at the White House — Can’t you slip on here and see us —

I have not succeeded in being permanently fixed yet in any situation — I receive so much while engaged; and if absent from my desk, for instance, for a day, that day brings me nothing — If I had a permanent situation, which I am promised, I could get leave of absence, my salary still continuing, and I could slip on to the City of Brotherly love and shake you by the hand, which I certainly should — I long to have a talk with you, Poe — On my conscience I know no man whom I would rather meet than you — No! I would rather meet you than any “feller” as Sam Weller says that I know —

Write to me soon — Make my warmest regards to your wife and mother; and believe me truly and sincerely your friend

F. W. Thomas

Edgar A. Poe Esqr Philadelphia —





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