Text: Daniel Bryan to Edgar Allan Poe — June 27, 1842


My dear Sir

As your connexion with Graham’s Mag. has ceased, you may feel some difficulty about the disposal of the verses which I some weeks ago enclose to you. They were transmitted for that work under an impression, — and because I believed, — that you were still one of its editors. But now that you have withdrawn from it, I prefer having the verses returned to me, or retained by you, — if you deem them worthy of preservation, — for your future use. — I care nothing about their having gone before the present edts [[editors]] of that Journ. if my name did not accompany them, and they were not known to have emanated from me — I have a sprained wrist — which is my excuse for this scratching.

If, indeed, you have already disposed of them, they must be permitted to “take their course.” —

I trust that we shall have the pleasure to see you before the public ere long in some new and commanding position. — That prosperity, distinction, and happiness, may attend you in all your career through life, is the prayer of

Your very respectful,
And obt servt
Danl Bryan

P S I saw some allusion in a newspaper recently to an attack upon you by a writer in one of the Philada. Journals. I have not seen any such attack, & trust there is no ground for the allusion.





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