Text: Thomas H. Chivers to Edgar Allan Poe — September 26, 1842


New York, Sept. 26th, 1842.

My Dear Sir, — Just before I started to the South, I gave Mr. Hunt a poem entitled “The Mighty Dead,” which I directed him to give to Israel Post, to be directed to you. I have just seen Post, and he informs me that the Package was never handed to him. I am very uneasy to know what disposition he made of the poem, as I am fearful that he has caused you to pay the postage on it, when I directed him to send it by Post. I do wish that if you received the poem that you will let me know immediately whether or not you were so imposed upon, as I positively assure you it was without my knowledge. Mr. Hunt is since dead, and I am unable to find out what has become of it. Will you have the goodness to return, by private conveyance, the poem to which I have alluded?

Yours most respectfully,
Thos. H. Chivers.

E. A. Poe, Esqr.





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - T. H. Chiversx to Poe (RCL393)