Text: Frederick W.Thomas to Edgar Allan Poe — February 1, 1843


Washington, February 1, 1843.

My Dear Poe, — You judged rightly I did not write to you waiting “for some definite action of Congress on Smith’s case.” I feel most anxious in the matter for you, my friend.

About the biography. I duly received your notes, and determined at the earliest hour to take it in hand. Congress is now, you know, in session, and my labors at the department are treble while it continues. Thrice I have set myself about writing out the notes and thrice I have been taken off. It would be a labor of love with me, Poe, as you know, and let who will do it now some of these days I will do it better unless they do it damned well. I could not do it until Congress adjourns, and not speedily then — I am so much occupied. Therefore think it best to send you the MS. as you request, but I do it with regret. I should be most glad to greet you in the Capital. Come on if possible.

Yes, I saw the “Saturday’s Museum” in Mr. Robert Tyler’s room, and happened to light upon the article in which we are mentioned. I read that portion of it to him and shall take care that he is not misinformed on the subject. I remember Mr. Hirst.

Why the devil did you not give me an inkling of what your good luck is. I was at a party last night, and came to the department rather dull, but when I opened your letter and read,

“In high spirits,

Yours truly,
E. A. Poe”

I rose to “high spirits “ myself. I assure you, Poe, that nothing gives me greater pleasure than to know that you are well and doing well. Remember me most affectionately to your mother and Lady and believe me truly your friend,

F. W. Thomas.

When you come to Washington stop at “Fuller’s Hotel “ where you will find your friend

F. W. Thomas.

After all, perhaps, at the present writing, the notes for your biography will be better in the hands of some other person, for if I should take them in hand, and speak but a just appreciation of ‘you, it would pass not for justice but the partiality of friendship. Write me on the reception of this. In haste,

F. W. T.

E. A. Poe





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