Text: John Tomlin to Edgar Allan Poe — August 9, 1843


Jackson, Tennessee, Aug. 9, 1843.

Dear Sir,

I have received from the Honl. Alex. B. Meek, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a letter, which I herewith enclose, that is as mystical to me, as is any character left by the ancient Egyptians on their monuments, to puzzle the future Ages.

Believing that many things are possible with you, that is not believed in the World’s Phylosophy [[sic]], I have taken the liberty, which you will excuse, of sending the letter to you, with the belief that you will make something out of it. In conclusion allow me to say, that very many of our learned citizens, have endeavored, but in vain to solve it.

With sincere regard,

Yours Faithfully,
Jno Tomlin

Edgar A. Poe, Esquire.





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - J. Tomlin to Poe (RCL447)