Text: John Tomlin to Edgar Allan Poe — September 10, 1843


Jackson, Tennessee, Sept 10, 1843.

Dear Sir, — My friendship for you, and nothing else, has prevailed on me, to enclose you the letter of A. L. Wilmer, Esquire. — But I much fear, that in doing it, I have violated somewhat the rules that govern correspondents in such matters. Believing, however, that your great good sense, will but protect my honor in this transaction, I remain with affectionate regard,

Yours Ever,
Jno. Tomlin.

Edgar A. Poe, Esquire.

P. S. Return Wilmer’s letter.



”A. L. Wilmer” was actually “Lambert A. WIlmer.”


[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - J. Tomlin to Poe (RCL449)