Text: James Russell Lowell to Edgar Allan Poe — September 27, 1844


Elmwood, September 27, 1844

My Dear Friend, — I kept back the biography a short time in order to send it on by a private hand. It is not half so good as it ought to be, but it was written under many disadvantages, not the least of which was depression of spirits which unfits a man for anything. I wish you to make any suggestions about it that may occur to you, and to reject it entirely if you do not like it.

I have mentioned Chatterton in it rather too slightingly; will you be good enough to modify what I say of him a little? His “Minstrel’s Song in Ella” is better than the rest of his writings.

You will find the package at No. I Nassau Street, up stairs. It was addressed to the care of C. F. Briggs. If his name is not upon the door, you will probably see the name of “Dougherty” or “Jones.”

As ever, your friend,
J. R. Lowell





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - J. R. Lowell to Poe (RCL498)