Text: Abijah M. Ide, Jr. to Edgar Allan Poe — February 16, 1845


South Attleborough Mass. Feb. 16, 1845

My Dear Sir,

I find myself under the necessity of asking you to be so good as to return me the copy of “Bunker’s Hill” which I sent you. I have, accidentally, destroyed one leaf of the copy which I retained; or I would not trouble you to do this.

I am very thankful to you for the manner in which you wrote to me of my Poem; and feel flattered by your opinion of its general merits. I feel your suggestions to be most appropriate; but I wish you had given your reason to thinking the last stanza should be omitted. I do not know as I shall offer the poem to Graham; though I should prefer its publication in his magazine, to any other; but I have some little acquaintance with the “Knickerbocker,” and may send it there, if anywhere. I am glad to learn that you have established yourself in New York; because I have learned to regard it as producing a better order of literature, than Philadelphia, and also, that in the former city, I may the more likely have the good fortune to meet you at some future time. I learn by a friend that you are connected with a publication called the “Broadway Journal” which I have never seen. Your new Magazine I presume is to be of a similar character; — a fearless critical monthly.

I shall regard your advice, by following it; and revise the poem (”Bunker Hill”) as carefully as I may be able. I do not hope to make it a faultless production, but I shall endeavor to make its merits as great as my simple ability can; and if it serves to bring its author’s name into favorable notice I shall be satisfied.

I wish when you write me (or return to the poem) you would send by “Hales express,” and direct to Pawtucket R. I. — from which place I can readily obtain my letters: I am obliged to be as economical as possible in the matter of Postages.

Very Truly
Your [[friend]]
[A. M. Ide]
[[signature cut off]]

Edgar A. Poe Esq.
New York

P. S. Since writing to you last, I have met with the Feb. no. of Graham’s, and tho’ my praise may be little worth to you, I cannot refrain from saying that I have been exceedingly pleased with the “Haunted Palace,” quoted in Mr. Lowell’s article, I had never met with it before. Lowell will be a great poet.





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