Text: Thomas H. Chivers to Edgar Allan Poe — June - July, 1845 (?), fragment


[...] you practice, I ought not to have done so. Ever after this, whenever you wish me to do any thing, I shall take it four granted that you do not mean it. Don‘t send me the Poem you deliver in Boston, by any means. Don‘t send me any thing. Give my respect to your wife and Mrs Clemm. No, you won‘t — you have no idea of doing it. Well, if you don‘t, I will hear about it when I return to New York. Then — What then? Why — I shall forgive you for it — knowing that you don‘t care for any body —p that’s all. I would give you a kingdom to see you. I have many things to say to you — many — and all for your interest. You must excuse this hasty letter. Amen.

Your true friend forever,
Thos H. Chivers

E. A. poe, Esqr.

P. S. I write you this letter just to find out whether you are dead or not. Don‘t send . . . any Psychological book, by Professor Bush . . . nor any . . . papers containing any articles of yours . . . don‘t . . . do it ! If you do . . . I shall be very much pleased indeed . . . so . . . don‘t . . . do it! . . . Not Amen. I will send you the money soon for Blackwood’s Magazine . . . for the year, which I believe is $3.00.

God bless you and preserve you!
T. H. C.

E. A. P.





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - T. H. Chivers to Poe (RCL547a)