Text: Abijah M. Ide, Jr. to Edgar Allan Poe — February 26, 1846


South Attleborough Mass. Feb. 26, 1846

Dear Sir,

I dare say you remember, that while you edited and published the “Broadway Journal” I mentioned to you more than once that I wished to get certain numbers of the first vol. to make my set of the work complete. I think I sent you a list of the nos. desired, and that you once said, in a “notice” in the “Journal” that the papers could be obtained at the office.

At any rate, after the receipt of the 25th no. of the last vol. I sent to the office by a friend, for the 26th no. (which I never received) and the papers which I wanted of the first vol. There was no person at the office when he called, who would, or could, supply him with the papers, and he left my order with 50 cents, which with my previous payment to Mr. Bisco, would make up the subscription price, with some one at the office, and was told that the papers should be sent by mail to me immediately. I have not received them.

I did not learn till afterwards that you had left the concern; and to this item I have learned no particulars of the sale of the “Journal”, except for a paragraph in the “Mirror” saying merely that you “had disposed of your interest therein, and would devote your time to some better paying business.”

I regret, not sending sooner for the papers, but a notice in the “Journal” of the commencement of a new vol. satisfied me that it was quite prosperous, and would be continued. Indeed, I know not yet certainly, whether it is dead or no, but I imagine it, by not receiving any papers; for my time was not out at the end of the year.

Perhaps you may have the papers reserved for me in your possession: if not, you can tell me where and how I can obtain them, — (having already paid for them.) If the 26th no., of vol. 2d was printed, I want that — the 25th — the last recd, contained no intimation of any change in the paper.

If this reaches you, when you have leisure, please write me a line, or send the papers as most convenient. With good wishes for you always

I remain

Yours Truly A. M. Ide Jr.
Edgar A. Poe, Esq.



The following notice appeared in the Broadway Journal of December 13, 1845: “The numbers desired by our friend A. M. I. can be obtained. We thank him sincerely for his late favor (2:360).


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