Text: Frederick W. Thomas to Edgar Allan Poe — August 24, 1846


Washington,  August 24, 1846.

My dear Poe —

I wrote to you directing to New York some time since requesting you to send me my MS. by Mr. Heep who would soon leave N[[ew]] York for Washington.

To day I received a letter from Mr. Heep written from Philadelphia, in which he tells me that he was informed in New York that you had returned to Philadelphia to reside.

Will you be so kind, my dear Poe, as to leave the MS for me at Mr. Charles Field’s Front St, near Pine, and Mr. Heep will get it for me.

Direct the MS to the care of J. H. Heep, and, drop through the Post office, a note to Mr. Heep saying that you have done so?

How I long to see you Poe. How is Mrs. Clem[[m]] and your lady. I suppose you have heard of my terrible loss — the wreck of my sister Fanny on her way home from India with the death of her and her two children — the most awful affliction of my life.

I am in no spirits to write, my old friend, give my love to all.

Yours ever,
F. W. Thomas

Edgar A. Poe, Esq.





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