Text: Arch Ramsay to Edgar Allan Poe — April 14, 1847


Stonehaven, Kincardinshire, Scotland,
14 April, 1847.

Dear Sir, — I was duly honored with your kind favor of the 30 Decr last & have to apologise for my ingratitude in not sooner returning my best thanks for the trouble you had taken in replying to my enquiry regarding the case of M. Valdemar but I delayed from time to time in expectation of being able to find out the parties you enquire about of the name of Allan. I am however sorry to say that all my endeavors have been in vain.

There are a good number of the name here & hereabout, & I have made enquiry at all of them I could find but none of them appear to be connected with the families or place you mention. If you can give me any other clue by which they might be traced I shall be most happy to do anything in my power to find them..

The Pamphlet on Valdemar is published in your name as the sole conductor & operator in the case so that I thought you could at once affirm or deny it, but from the tenor of your letter to me this appears not to be the fact.

I am Dear Sir Very Respectfully

Your much obliged & obdt Svt
Arch Ramsay, Druggist





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - A. Ramsay to Poe (RCL682)