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“It is a scholar’s duty to add to knowledge, not to hoard but to share.” Thomas Ollive Mabbott (quotation re­con­struct­ed from Marueen Cobb Mabbott’s Mabbott as Poe Scholar: The Early Years, Baltimore: The E. A. Poe Society of Baltimore, 1980, p. 21)



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By providing text for these essays, we hope to raise the level of scholarship available on the internet, especially in regard to Edgar Allan Poe. It should be noted that many of the older articles are full of inaccuracies have been selected for historical value. Views expressed in these articles reflect the research and opinions of the authors.


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Although substantially complete, various parts of this site are still under construction, and new material is constantly being added. Providing comprehensive and reliable information takes time, so please bear with us. (Proofreading pages, particularly historical items, requires considerable effort, and is likely to be a perpetual task.) We are currently in the process of giving the site a bit of a facelift, as noted at the end of our main menu.


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