Text: William Doyle Hull II, “Selective Bibliography,” A Canon of the Critical Works of Edgar Allan Poe (1941), pp. 711-713


[page 711:]

SELECTIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY (Works and Magazines Which Have Been Quoted).

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Boston Miscellany of Literature and Fashion, (Nathan Hale, Jr.), Boston. vols. I-III (1842 through February, 1843). No more issued.

Broadway Journal, (John Bisco, Charles Briggs, and Edgar Poe), New York. vols. I-II, 1845. Reproduced in photostat. Those pages of the Whitman copy, now in the Ingram Collection, Huntington Library, marked in autograph also reproduced in photostat. No more issued.

Burton, William E., to Edgar Allan Poe, Philadelphia, May 30, 1839. Typescript, copied by Dr. Arthur H. Quinn from the original MS. in the Griswold Collection in the Boston Public Library.

Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine, (William E. Burton), Philadelphia, vol s. I-VII, 1837-1840. No more issued.

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———————— The Works of the Late Edgar Allan Poe, vol.III, New York: Redfield. 1850. [page 712:]

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