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Poe in India:
A Bibliography, 1955-1969

J. H. Government College, Betul, M. P., India

Edgar Allan Poe has been read by Indian readers for decades primarily as a writer of mystery and horror stories, rather than as poet or critic. Nine collections, including forty-three of his tales, have been published in six Indian languages since 1955, a few of which are in second editions. But except for my own recent translations into Hindi of three poems (published) and two prefaces (scheduled for publication), little has been done with Poe’s poetry and criticism. As more tales join those [page 50:] already translated, Poe’s critical writings on the short story, as well as on poerty, and the poems themselves should be made available to Indian readers.

The need for more translations and more anthologies of Poe’s works remains. Ramakrishna’s selection of tales, due to appear soon, is a welcome addition to Professor Joseph P. Roppolo’s general collection of tales, poems, and essays.

The following bibliography is an expanded version of “Indian Translations of Edgar Allan Poe: A Checklist, with a Note” in the Indian Journal of American Studies, January 1971.

I. Translations


“Ek Swapna” (A Dream), “Swapna” (Dreams), and “Swapoa Veshthita Swagna” (A Dream Within a Dream), translated by Sadanand R. Pavnaskar, Ankan, 4, No. 1 (1970), 27-29.

Short Stories in Collections

Allan Poer Shreshtha Galpa (Allan Poe’s Fine Stories), translated into Assamese by Rangman (Calcutta: Shribhumi Publishing Co., 1966).

Detective Dupin, translated into Malayalam, with preface, by P. Gopalakrishna Kamath (Thuravoor: Sri Narasimhavilasam Book Depot, 1960).

E. A. Poer Galpa (E. A. Poe’s Stories), translated into Bengali by Nirmal Gangopadhyaya (Calcutta: Abbyudaya Prakash Mandir, 1955).

Rahasyapoorna Kahaniyan (Tales of Mystery), translated into Hindi, with preface, by Ramnath Suman (Delhi: Rajpal and Sons, c. 1969).

Rahasya Ki Kahaniyan (Tales of Mystery), translated into Hindi by Radhanand Chaturvedi (Delhi: Hind Pocket Books Private Ltd., c. 1960).

Rahasya Romanch Ki Kahaniyan (Tales of Mystery and Suspense), translated into Hindi by Radhanand Chaturvedi (Delhi: Rajpal and Sons, 1958).

Savige Munche Samadhi mattrv Itara Kathegal?’ (The Premature Burial and Other Tales), translated into Kannada, with preface, by Dhanvanta (Bangalore: H. N. Rao and Brothers, 1955).

Soneri Bhsunga (The Gold Bug) , translated into Marathi by S. R.Devale (Poona: Chitrashala Prakashan, 1956).

Teen Chittathararak Katha (Three Tales of Horror and Suspense) translated into Marathi by Mrs. Kamala Phadke (Bombay Majestic Book Stall, 1965).

Non-Fiction Prose

“Preface” to Eureka, translated into Hindi by Sadanand R. Pavnaskar (scheduled for publication in Ankan, date uncertain).

“Preface” to Poems, 1845, translated into Hindi by Sadanand R. Pavnaskar (scheduled for publication in Ankan, date uncertain) .

II. Criticism

Chari, V. K. “Poe and Whitman’s Short-Poem Style,” Walt Whitman Review, 13 (1967), 95-97.

Ramakrishna, D. “The Conclusion of Poe’s “Ligeia,” Emerson Society Quarterly, No. 47 (11 Quarter 1967), 69-70.

——————. “Poe’s Eureka and Hindu Philosophy,” Emerson Society Quarterly, No. 47 (11 Quarter 1967), 28-32.

III. Anthologies in English

Edgar Allan Poe: Tales, Poems and Essays, edited, with introduction, by Joseph P. Roppolo (Bombay: Popular Prakashan. 1968).

Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar Allan Poe (Delhi: Hind Pocket Books Private Ltd., n.d.).

The Selected Tales of E. A. Poe, edited, with introduction, by D. Ramakrishna (New Delhi: U.S. Information Service, date uncertain).


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