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Current Poe Studies


More than fifty persons attended the second annual meeting of the Poe Studies Association at the Palmer House in Chicago on 28 December 1973. The meeting opened with a business session in which the Association adopted a set of bylaws and elected a slate of officers. Those elected were Eric W. Carlson, University of Connecticut, President (two years); J. Lasley Dameron, Memphis State University, Vice President (one year); John E. Reilly, College of the Holy Cross, Secretary-Treasurer (three years); G. R. Thompson, Washington State University, member of the Executive Committee representing Poe Studies (two years); and James W. Gargano, Washington and Jefferson College, member of the Executive Committee (two years). The business session was followed by the reading of three papers by James W. Gargano, Patricia C. Smith, and Benjamin Franklin Fisher, IV.

The next meeting of the Poe Studies Association will be in New York in December of this year. Time, place, and program will be announced in the October number of the Association’s Newsletter. In the meantime, the Association has launched its drive for dues-paying memberships with the publication of the April Newsletter, where an application form is attached. Membership fee is $3.00 per calendar year. Those persons wishing to join are asked to make their checks payable to Poe Studies Association and to send them to Professor John E. Reilly, Department of English, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass. 01610.


Recently Published

The following items are either supplementary to the “Current Poe Bibliography” published in the December 1973 Poe Studies or have appeared in print since that bibliography went to press:

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————————. Poe as a Creator of Words. [Delivered as the Fifty-first Annual Lecture before the Poe Society of Baltimore in October 1973, this address will be printed under the co-sponsorship of the Poe Society of Baltimore, the Enoch Pratt Free Library, and the University of Baltimore.

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D’Amato, Francis A. “The Moral Vision in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe” (Univ. of Connecticut, under the direction of Eric W. Carlson), completed.

Thomas, Dwight R. “Poe in Philadelphia,1838-1844”(Univ. of Pennsylvania), in progress.

John E. Reilly, College of the Holy Cross


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