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W. T. BANDY is Director of the Center for Baudelaire Studies at Vanderbilt University and founder and editor of Bulletin Baudelairien. He has written and edited numerous books and articles on Baudelaire and Poe, including an edition of Baudelaire’s Edgar Allan Poe: sa vie et ses ouvrages. He recently returned from Japan, where he offered a series of lectures on Poe, Baudelaire, Hearne, and Paris in the Twenties.

MAURICE J. BENNETT, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Maryland, College Park, is author of articles on Charles Brockden Brown, Poe, Irving, and Borges in such journals as William and Mary Quarterly and Early American Literature. He is currently working on a book on Brown.

CHRISTOPHER BROWN is Assistant Professor of English at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. His articles have appeared in Essays in Literature, Philological Quarterly, and Yeats/Eliot Review.

JAMES W. GARGANO, George M. Laughlin Professor of English at Washington and Jefferson College, has published aticles on nineteenth-century American writers in such journals as the Sewanee Review, JEGP, American Literature, Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Novel, College English, Texas Studies in Literature and Language, and the Emerson Society Quarterly. His Essays on John W. De Forest will be published this summer by G. K. Hall.

DAVID HALLIBURTON, Professor of English, Comparative Literature, and Modern Thought of Literature at Stanford University, is author of Edgar Allan Poe: A Phenomenological View and Poetic Thirsting: An Approach to Heidegger ( Chicago, in press). He is currently completing a book on Stephen Crane and one on interpretation.

ROBERT D. JACOBS is Professor of American Literature at Georgia State University and author, editor, and coeditor of numerous articles and books on literature of the South and modern American literature, including Poe, Journalist and Critic and The Courage of a Critic: Edgar Allan Poe as Editor.

NICOLAS KIESSLING, Professor of English at Washington State University, has published The Incubus in English Literature: Provenance and Progeny. He is currently editing Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy.

BURTON R. POLLIN is Emeritus Professor of English, Bronx Community College of the City University of New York. Author and editor of articles, books, editions, and bibliographies concerned with the writings of Godwin, Shelley, and Poe, he has published Dictionary Naines and Titles in Poe’s Collected Works, Discoveries in Poe, and Poe: Creator of Words. Currently he is editor of Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe for Twayne/G. K. Hall (the volume Imaginary Voyages is now in press; Brevities of Poe, in preparation).

GARY E. TOMBLESON is Associate Professor of English and College Librarian at Armstrong College, Berkeley. California.


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