Text: Editor, “Contributors,” Poe Studies, June 1982, Vol. XV, No. 1, 15:28


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RICHARD P. BENTON, Associate Professor of English et trinity College, is editor of essay collections on Poe’s fiction, Pym, and Eureka and author of numerouus articles on Poe, as well as essays on Keats, Tennyson, and Oriental literature.

THOMAS C. CARLSON, Associate Professor of English at Memphis State University, does research in Colonial and NineteenthCentury American literature, has published on Melville, and has worked in Poe bibliography since 1972.

J. LASLEY DAMERON, Professor of English at Memphis State University, is co-author of Edgar Allan Poe: A Bibliogruphy of Criticisrru and author of numerous articles on Poe and, recently, Hawthorne.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FISHER IV, Associate Professor of English at the University of Mississippi and editor of that university s Studies in English, has published extensively on Viaorian poetry, detective and gothic fiction, and Poe.

RICHARD KOPLEY, Assistant Professor of English at Illinois State Universiry, is author of a series of articles on the biographical and psychological roots of Pym.

JOHN WARD OSTROM, Emeritus Professor of English at Wittenberg University, is editor of the Letters of Edgar Allan Poe.

BURTON R. POLLIN, Emeritus Professor of English at Bronx Community College of CCNY, has published extensively on Goodwin, Shelley, and Poe and is currently editing the Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe.

JOHN E. REILLY, Professor of American Literature at the College of the Holy Cross, is author of numerous articles on Poe and responses to Poe, particularly in American poetry.

CHARLES N. WATSON, JR., Professor of English at Syracuse Universiry, is author of the forthcoming Novels of Juck London and of articles on various American writers, particularly Melville and London.


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