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DAVID BAGULEY, Professor of French at University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, is author of a book on Zola’s Fecondite and compiler of two bibliography volumes of Zola criticism; he has published various articles on nineteenth-century French literature and has a book in progress on the Naturalist novel.

ROGER FORCLAZ, an independent Poe scholar residing in Bern, Switzerland, is author of Le Monde d‘Edgar Allan Poe and numerous articles on Poe and Poe-related topics, he regularly reviews German criticism and scholarship on Poe for this journal.

ERIKA HULPKE, research assistant for the Seminar for English Philology, Georg August University, Gottingen, is editor of T. S. Eliot Criticism and Scholarship in Germany: A Descriptive Survey, 1923-1980 (Darmstadt, in press); she is currently writing a study of German translations of Eliot’s poetry.

JOHN L. IDOL, JR., and STERLING EISIMINGER, both of Clemson University and editors of the Hawthorne Newsletter, have also published lists of the operatic use of Hawthorne’s fiction.

DAVID K. JACKSON, an independent Poe scholar residing in Durham, North Carolina, is author of Contribsutors and Contributions to the Southern Literary Messenger (1834-64) and Poe and the Southern Literary Messenger as well as of numerous articles and notes on Poe; he is currently at work with Dwight Thomas on a Poe log for G. K. Hall.

J. A. LEO LEMAY, H. F. du Pont Winterthur Professor of English, University of Delaware, is author, among other works, of Men of Letters in Colonial Maryland; his most recent book is an edition, with P. M. Zall, of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: A Genetic Text.

KENT LJUNGQUIST, Associate Professor of English at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is author of various articles on Poe and traditions of the sublime and picturesque; he is currently editing a volume for the on-going edition of Cooper’s writings.

BURTON R. POLLIN, Emeritus Professor of English at Bronx Community College of CCNY, has published extensively on Goodwin, Shelley, and Poe; he is author, among other works, of Discoveries in Poe, and is currently editing the Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe, the most recent volume under an NEH grant.

DOUGLAS ROBINSON, lecturer in English at the University of Jyvaskyla, is author of John Barth’s Giles Goat-Boy: A Study and articles on nineteenth-century and postmodern American fiction; he is currently completing a dissertation on American apocalypses at the University of Washington.


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